Name: Vincent Lee Nickname: FiveCent Instagram: @_5cent_ Dance Styles: Locking, Popping Fun Fact: Prefers more well-behaved facts. Dance Experience/Training: -VYbE Pro -Footnotes Elites FiveCent began his training at VYbE in 2011 at 21 years old. He has since then also trained with the street dance training program Footnotes Elites. His experience and talents expands across taking classes of many styles. However his specialties are in funk styles Locking and Popping. Yes, those are individual styles. As a street dancer, … Read More


  Name: Nelson Cheng Age: 27 Instagram: @sonzhip Dance Styles: Urban Dance, Hip Hop Dance Experience: A dancer that came from a background of Street Styles such as Bboying, Popping & Locking which for him started at the age of 13. Nelson joined Vybe Dance Company in 2006 and won various Competitions such as STOMP and BEATDOWN as a Choreographer/Dancer. He is now one of the Directors of the Vybe Dance Company. Role Models: Jesus, Bruce Lee


  Name: Kasey Wang Age: Forever 21 Instagram: @kaysowdia Dance Styles: Hip Hop, Jazz Funk, Heels Fun Fact: She once had a bucket of icecream with 20 different flavours 😀 Dance Experience: Kasey started dancing with Vybe in 2009. She fell in love with the studio’s inclusive atmosphere and empowering instructors, and has since then performed and competed with the company countless times, eventually becoming an instructor. At the heart of her dance journey is the passion to provide students with … Read More


  Name: Carlo Macha Instagram: @machacarlo Dance Style: Hip Hop Dance Experience: Carlo started dancing at a young age by watching videos on YouTube. He then decided to take dance more seriously by joining VYbE’s Method Program in 2015. Now, trying to improve his craft, he trains through VYbE and with his friends at Ryerson University. Role Models: Keone Madrid, Michael Jackson, Chance The Rapper Other Dance Teams: Urban Hip-Hop Union


  Name: Juliana Qian Nickname: Jules Age: 22 Instagram: @jtotheqq Dance Styles: Hip Hop, Popping, Sexy Urban Pop, Girls Hip Hop Dance Experience: Juliana first fell in love with the street dance back in high school. She has been training in hip hop since 2010 and popping since 2011. Both of these are styles that she is in tune with while interpreting music. Nonetheless she believes that learning techniques from other styles can help to further explore your body’s limits and develop … Read More


  Name: Danny Huang Instagram: @djmunkyy Dance Styles: Choreography and Hip Hop Dance Experience: He has been dancing for 14 years


Name: Jasmin Yeung Nickname: Jas, jasssie Instagram: @jasssie Dance Styles: Hip Hop, Urban Choreography, Waacking, Jazz Funk, Sexy Urban Pop Fun Fact: Left Handed, Love to eat especially dessert Dance Experience: Choreography assistant/Dance Mentor on Nickelodeon TV Show Make it pop, danced for Lady Gaga in MMVAs, Judge at The Academy Urban Dance Competition 2017 and BYOB High School Dance Competition 2017, trained with top choreographers/instructors from Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, LA, San Diego, New York, and of course, Toronto. … Read More


  Name: Glennie Cruz Dance Styles: Hiphop, Popping, Locking Classes: Beginner Hiphop Wednesdays at 6:30 pm (Drop-in) Instagram: @gzurc Snapchat: gsizzle99 Fun Fact: She was born and grew up in Manila, Philippines. Dance Experience: Her first dance teachers in Manila were members of the Philippine Allstars, who taught her to bring heart into dancing before anything else. She’s a student of hiphop and dance and even travelled to New York to learn more about the culture and history of hiphop … Read More


  Name: Katherine Ye Instagram: @kat.yeezy Dance styles: Hip Hop, Jazz Funk, K-pop, Waacking, Locking, Popping Fun fact: Coffee fanatic and Vet student Dance Experience/Training: – VYbE FX, VYbE Pro – Vybe – The Cast Heels Edition – Angela Mahoney – The Girls Club – Tamina Pollack-Paris – Boss Dance Company – Leah Totten – Establish Your Empire – Gigi Torres Katherine began her dance training with Vybe Dance Company in her sophomore year in high school. Since then, she … Read More