Name: Vincent Lee Nickname: FiveCent Instagram: @_5cent_ Dance Styles: Locking, Popping Fun Fact: Prefers more well-behaved facts. Dance Experience/Training: -VYbE Pro -Footnotes Elites FiveCent began his training at VYbE in 2011 at 21 years old. He has since then also trained with the street dance training program Footnotes Elites. His experience and talents expands across taking classes of many styles. However his specialties are in funk styles Locking and Popping. Yes, those are individual styles. As a street dancer, … Read More


  Name: Glennie Cruz Dance Styles: Hiphop, Popping, Locking Classes: Beginner Hiphop Wednesdays at 6:30 pm (Drop-in) Instagram: @gzurc Snapchat: gsizzle99 Fun Fact: She was born and grew up in Manila, Philippines. Dance Experience: Her first dance teachers in Manila were members of the Philippine Allstars, who taught her to bring heart into dancing before anything else. She’s a student of hiphop and dance and even travelled to New York to learn more about the culture and history of hiphop … Read More