Name: Kasey Wang Age: Forever 21 Instagram: @kaysowdia Dance Styles: Hip Hop, Jazz Funk, Heels Fun Fact: She once had a bucket of icecream with 20 different flavours 😀 Dance Experience: Kasey started dancing with Vybe in 2009. She fell in love with the studio’s inclusive atmosphere and empowering instructors, and has since then performed and competed with the company countless times, eventually becoming an instructor. At the heart of her dance journey is the passion to provide students with … Read More


  Name: YJ Lee Nicknames: yeej Instagram: @yeeeeeeeeej Dance Styles: Sexy Urban Pop, Hip Hop and K-pop Fun Fact: Loves to reenact movie lines/references Dance Experience: Started Dancing in grade six from k-pop cover dancing. In 2012, decided to take summer workshop here at VYbE; loved it and kept training here ever since. Won various competitions for k-pop and hip hop with VYbE as well. Role Models: Wonder Woman, Jake Gyllenhall and Taeyeon (Girls’ Generation) Other Dance Teams: HAVOC Dance … Read More


    Name: Steven Chau Nickname: Chau Age: 22 Instagram: @chauchautrain Dance Styles: K-Pop, Sexy Urban Pop, Hip Hop Fun fact: Steven Chau is a Stage Manager at the Toronto K-PopCon and has danced with 1Million Dance Studio this last Summer. He also LOVES DISNEYWORLD. Dance experience/Journey: Started off in VYbE fx in 2010 and trained for 2 before entering pro/fam. Taught kpop for a year and trained at 1M last summer! Next stop, training at Millenium Dance Complex! Role models: SuperWoman, … Read More


Name: Jasmin Yeung Nickname: Jas, jasssie Instagram: @jasssie Dance Styles: Hip Hop, Urban Choreography, Waacking, Jazz Funk, Sexy Urban Pop Fun Fact: Left Handed, Love to eat especially dessert Dance Experience: Choreography assistant/Dance Mentor on Nickelodeon TV Show Make it pop, danced for Lady Gaga in MMVAs, Judge at The Academy Urban Dance Competition 2017 and BYOB High School Dance Competition 2017, trained with top choreographers/instructors from Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, LA, San Diego, New York, and of course, Toronto. … Read More